The Net Zero Festival will bring together some of the world's foremost thinkers on what it takes to accelerate and expand the net zero transition. We'd urge business executives, investors, entrepreneurs, policymakers, and campaigners to join us to explore how to navigate the defining economic, political, and technological trend of the age.

This festival will not just incorporate talks, and workshops, it will integrate different elements of our everyday life, including the art we see, the podcasts we listen to, and the food we consume.

Live from The Mermaid, London: Wednesday 28 & Thursday 29 September 2022
Live online: Tuesday 4 October 2022

Leading Speakers

The Net Zero Festival will deliver an inspiring in-person celebration of the best of the green economy, accompanied by a series of virtual events that will explore how to develop and execute an effective net zero strategy.

Through thought-provoking keynotes, cutting-edge debates, and the incorporation of leading artists and campaigners, we will shine a light on the progress that is being made and ask how businesses can move faster still.

By attending the Net Zero Festival we can guarantee a place where you can:

          • Able to examine the implications of upcoming policy / regulatory change
          • Apply economics of sustainability to support business cases
          • Discover the implications of the latest science -
          • Participate in peer learning "successes and failures"
          • Communicate clearly and effectively with the board
          • Educate and collaborate across businesses
          • Identify what innovations are coming that you can use

Faster, Together

The aim is simple: to provide business leaders with both the inspiration and the practical, actionable advice required to develop and advance their own net zero strategies.

The rationale is equally simple: the climate crisis is real; the scale of the challenge is unprecedented; the net zero transition is happening and accelerating.

 The goal is obvious: to demonstrate that a rapid transition towards a net zero economy by 2050 at the latest is not just possible, but is hugely desirable, is something worth celebrating.

Tomorrow's Business: today's leadership, tomorrow's mainstream

BusinessGreen Net Zero Festival – for leaders who won't wait until 2050 to build a better business, and a better world. 


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