They are made from tear proof 450 micron Polypropylene and printed in the UK using a C02 neutral printing press to further reduce the effect on the environment, creating a sustainable alternative to traditional plastic event passes.

Polypropylene consumes the least amount of energy during production and produces the lowest carbon dioxide emissions when compared to other plastics. Its lower density also means that switching to PP reduces the absolute amount of waste. It is much more sustainable than other types of plastic, as it is more quickly biodegradable, has a lighter carbon footprint and isn't threatening to our health. It is widely recyclable. Please hand back your badges at the event of the event and we will send them off to be recycled and remade into new badges!

Carbon Offsetting

Incisive Media have partnered with Ecosphere+ to ensure all our remaining greenhouse gas emissions are offset. Working with Ecosphere+, we calculate the emissions from all our events, including those from event operations, venues and delegates. We then purchase the equivalent number of carbon offset credits to counter-act our activities. These credits are supporting the protection of vital rainforest in Peru, by funding conservation work and creating sustainable sources of income for locals to minimise incentives for deforestation. Trees are planted in mostly Latin American hotspots, and the type of tree differs depending on location and they make sure the trees are not non-native or invasive species.

Ecosphere+ work towards sustainable agriculture. They teach land owners and farmers that the trees are worth more standing than they are cut down and the economics follow and that they make more money from being sustainably conscious.

Tree planting projects are paired with Verified Carbon Standard (VCS) approved credits to guarantee carbon offsetting. For further information about the project please visit

NZF Suppliers

The Mermaid (venue):

The Mermaid is committed to leading the industry in minimizing the impact of its activities on the environment, understanding and complying with the relevant legislation and other requirements.

• In the 12 months Pre covid they achieved a recycling rate of 67% and saved 120 trees.

• The Mermaid is delighted to have two Living Walls, the plants covering both walls have been chosen because of their ability to reduce the Carbon Monoxide produced by local traffic.

• Promoting Public Transport to staff, clients and delegates

• Works with responsible suppliers such as First Mile, Judos and White Light. Jupiter (Visual Communication Experts): Jupiter’s Vision for sustainability across visual production reflects our commitment to ensuring that sustainability is considered through all materials & business decisions and is encouraged through our unique 6 Pillar approach:

    • Minimise Resource Consumption (Reduce)

    • Maximise Resource Reuse (Reuse)

    • Use Renewable Or Recyclable Resources (Renew/Recycle)

    • Protect The Natural Environment (Protect Nature)

    • Create A Healthy, Non-toxic Environment (Non-toxics)

    • Pursue Quality and Innovation In Creating a more sustainable environment (quality)

Seasoned (Catering):

Seasoned proudly supports Fairtrade and ethical farming. They source the best tasting cocoa, bananas, sugar, tea and coffee growers and co-operatives from around the world. They partner with Life Water and the charity, Drop4Drop, funding sustainable clean water solutions.

Kitchen practises:

    • For every kg of margarine they use instead of butter, 22kg of carbon emissions are saved.

    • Every time a kg less of meat is served, between 7-13.3 kg of carbon emissions is saved. That is why at NZF, there is a full         vegetarian and vegan menu.