Professor Nathalie Seddon
Professor Nathalie Seddon
Director, Nature-based Solutions Initiative
University of Oxford

Nathalie trained as an ecologist and evolutionary biologist at Cambridge University and has over 20 years of field experience working in tropical forests. Nathalie was made Professor of Biodiversity at Oxford University in 2015 and has since worked at the interface of science and policy. By training the next generation of decision-makers and working closely with NGOs, local governments and the United Nations, her ambition is bring the equitable protection of nature to the centre of the sustainable development agenda.

Nathalie combines key pure and applied approaches from the natural and social sciences to tackle the challenge of understanding and conserving biodiversity, and building socio-ecological resilience in a warming world. On the pure science side, she and her team use experimental and comparative approaches to determine the effectiveness of nature-based solutions to climate change and food security. On the applied side, they consolidate and translate ecosystem science for the benefit of decision-makers in government and business.

In 2017 Nathalie founded the Nature-based Solutions Initiative; This interdisciplinary programme collates, consolidates and communicates scientific understanding of the effectiveness of Nature-based Solutions for the benefit of decision-makers in business, government and civil society. Our aim is to get science into policy and policy into action to increase the implementation of sustainable Nature-based Solutions across the globe.

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