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In our present world today the impact and consequences of Climate Change & Covid-19 have been staggering.
It would be fair to say that practically nothing on the planet has escaped it - quite literally micro has exploded to macro at a level rarely seen in human experience. Our societies economic and political systems world-wide have been dazzled like a rabbit in the headlights. The impact for us, our families, our jobs, our health, our social lifestyles and psyche is nothing sort of astounding..
If ever there was, in our lifetime, an example of the delicate fragility and interdependence of life in our world and eco-system this surely must be it. All organisms in a system depend on each other, if one rises or falls, then this can, and will affect the rest of the system.
For many, experiencing and living this process throughout COVID has given us cause to reflect on this in terms of our world views and ways we live, work and communicate.
Into this setting The Black Chapel Collective (a group of artists, DJ's, musicians, rappers and poets using contemporary multi media) look to explore Interdependence and Connectivity.
"What happens to another, whether it be joy or sorrow, happens to me." ( Meister Eckhart)
CONNECT has won over 30 International Film Awards.

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Streaming 8pm, 29th September

Connect is a critical multi-media project for our times.

Using unique performances from musicians, video artists, rappers, dancers and poets who form the Black Chapel Collective, we want to address, challenge and call for urgent action on Climate Change- which IS the number one issue we face today,
alongside the Global Pandemic which has impacted the lives of everyone this year.

It is not an understatement to say that The UN Climate Change Conference UK in November 2021 is the most important
event in the World next year. We now have less than ten years left before we do irreparable damage to the Earth. The Black Chapel Collective addresses these issues of climate change in the Connect Project.

Already the Film Connect has won or been selected for over 15 International Film Awards.

The project has gained both the endorsements of Mercury Prize winner Talvin Singh OBE "Great work The Black Chapel Collective are doing at this challenging time in the world." And more recently Mimi Harmer (Director The F List / Cellist/Composer and Chair of the Student Network for the Association of European Conservatoires)

Sky UK & World News recently interviewed Steve Mortimer about the project ,the impacts of Covid 19 and the bigger threat of Climate Change.

The first single" Breathe" ft. Rachel Brooks from the project was released in February this year. There will be two more singles and an album released later this year.

Country: United Kingdom