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Gold Standard (, @goldstandard) was established in 2003 by WWF and other international NGOs as a best practice standard to help the world #GrowToZero. All Gold Standard-certified projects and programmes accelerate progress toward the Net-Zero ambition of the Paris Climate Agreement while catalyzing impact toward the broader Sustainable Development Goals. Its standard, Gold Standard for the Global Goals, allows climate and development initiatives to quantify, certify, and maximise their impacts toward climate security and sustainable development. Certification against the standard provides the confidence that these results are measured and verified, enabling credible impact reporting. With ISEAL Code Compliant status and backed by a broad NGO Supporter Network, Gold Standard has 2000+ projects underway in over 90 countries, creating billions of dollars of shared value from climate and development action worldwide.

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Wednesday, 22 September 2021
11:00 – 12:30 EDT / 17:00 – 18:30 CEST

Net Zero commitments are soaring, but many are ‘greenwishing’, lacking concrete plans or involve postponing short term climate action. This event will focus on how companies can set ambitious climate strategies and highlight concrete solutions they can take today to reduce emissions within and beyond their corporate boundaries -- and the fuzzy space in between. We will discuss how to take action to address Scope 3 emissions and take a deep dive into the relationship between Scope 3 and carbon markets and how they can work together for more ambitious climate action. We’ll also look at how to navigate the complexity of emerging claims and practices to recognise climate leadership.


Introduction - An overview of a climate mitigation hierarchy, and relevant solutions companies can use to take action within and beyond boundaries – Owen Hewlett, Gold Standard

Panel Discussion: Solutions for scope 3 hot spots
• Key challenges addressed by Value Change – Sandra Genee, SustainCERT
• Scope 3 complexities and opportunities and Value Change experiences – Elissa Foster, Patagonia

Panel Discussion: Role of carbon offsetting + claims
• Role of carbon credits, how to select high-integrity credits, and credible claims – Brad Schallert, WWF
• The interaction of Scope 3 activities and carbon markets, and the role of avoided emissions and carbon removals – Kelley Kizzier, EDF

Moderated by Sarah Leugers, Gold Standard

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Country: United Kingdom