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- Why going net negative, is the most important thing your business can do this year
- How accounting for your carbon works
- WTF IS CARBON SEQUESTRATION? Offsetting explained. Life of a tree and other Carbon removal solutions

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Tue 28 Sept 2021 4pm – 5pm (BST)

The leading shareable carbon accounting firm for small business, social enterprise, charities and individuals. We work with our clients to produce a transparent and trustworthy, publishable account of their carbon emissions. Carbon accounting can feel overwhelming, let alone becoming carbon neutral. We take a different approach. Our focus is to make your journey to net zero
simple and exciting. We’ll help make your carbon stats relevant to your everyday decisions. We’ll coach you to create your own, relatable action plan. We’ll help you make it real by connecting you with our growing network of partners who can step in from helping you find a sweet green energy deal to responsibly offsetting your residual emissions. And we’ll help you share your story with our slick, transparent carbon profiles.

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