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Tuesday 29 March 2022. Digital Event.

    Net Zero Finance

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    About the 2022 Event

    COP26 signalled that “Private Finance has woken up” to the climate crisis. Net Zero and Climate Change is now recognised at the Board Level and by Chief Executives in Financial Institutions. With policymakers now under pressure to guarantee market rules and mechanisms are in place for a “fair game”, the next few years are set for unprecedent changes in the way our markets operate.

    At the Net Zero Finance Conference we understand that the time to discuss “what” we need to do (ie. Set net zero targets) is over, and we’re here to create a platform where we can discuss “how” we are going to achieve and accomplish a Net Zero Economy by 2050.

    We bring together leading investors, lenders, corporates, policymakers, and campaigners to explore the fast-expanding green finance sector, explore the challenges ahead, showcase success stories and examine the opportunities.

    Programme highlights include:

    • The Road to COP 27: On Day 3 of COP26, the Glasgow Financial Alliance for Net Zero (GFANZ) created many headlines. Five months after the announcement, we'll discuss how GFANZ is evolving and guaranteeing action is being taken by its members.

    • Nature as an Investment: “We can’t solve climate if we trash nature at the same time.” With more investment required into nature-based solutions, and hesitancy on how to approach this, our panellists will look at examples of how nature can become an attractive investment.

    • Stewardship and Investing with Purpose: With Asset Managers being pillars to stewardship, how can they ensure their investments are responsible and use their position to encourage companies to meet their net zero targets?

    • An Open Conversation – bringing the economy together: In our final session of the day, representatives from the wider economy will come together to debate how we can start to work in cohesion and achieve net zero by 2050.

    2022 Speakers include

    Global Head of Alternatives & External Manager Solutions
    Head of Responsible Investment
    Executive Vice Chairman, Global Corporate and Investment Banking
    Bank of America
    Director, ESG (Sustainability and Regional Development), Channels, SME & Mid Corporates
    Lloyds Banking Group
    Head of Sustainable Finance
    Chief Executive Officer
    The Nordic Institute for Finance, Technology and Sustainability

    2022 Event Highlights

    Climate Action Clock


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